PCR300AU-10 Desktop Reader

Giga TMS

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WinLoq PCR300AU-10 is specially designed for the use of the PC security , user identification/authorization and user privacy protection with RFID technology . It is a simple-to-use device which can read the registration ID code from the Proximity Cards owned by the users . It can be used for the system logon/logoff key and also for user privacy protection by simply push a Privacy key to instant hide the Monitor display without EXIT or power off like BOSS PROTECTION feature PCR300 is a perfect PC security system to use WinLog software which can protect the System and prevent the unauthorized people from using the System . Features * User Privacy BOSS PROTECTION feature * Privacy key for instant hide Monitor display * Verify the ID code of the RFID Proximity cards * Instant lock/unlock the system * Cradle slot design to accept RFID card - run WinLog *System is workable when the registered card is sitting in the cradle slot - Unlocked *System is not workable when the registered card is removed from the cradle slot - Locked Specifications * Power requirement:5 VDC,200 mA * Interface * USB version - PCR300U, PCR300MU * RS-232 version - PCR300R, PCR300MR * Baud rate 9600,None parity,8 data bits,1 stop bit * Proximity card dimension:86 x 55 x 2 mm maximum * Operating Temperature -0 ~ + 55 Deg. C * Dimensions:W 65 xL 100 xD 23 mm Application * User authorization/identification - Waiter identification * Office computers for employees * School computers for students * Home computers - Kid authorization * NetCafe computers for customers * Hotel computers for guest * POS terminals at store checkout - Clerk identification * User Privacy Protection - BOSS PROTECTION feature * System logon/logoff - system security management Available versions PCR300U - USB interface, 125Khz PCR300R - RS-232 interface, 125Khz PCR300MU- USB interface, 13.56Mhz ( Mifare card version) PCR300MR- RS-232 interface, 13.56Mhz ( Mifare card version)

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