HID Jewelry Tag I-Code SLix-L square


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HID Global Jewelry Tag transponders communicate with RFID readers to enhance the ability to inventory and track high-value merchandise. These RFID tags enable fast, comprehensive daily merchandise inventories with the wave of a handheld reader - while never having to remove items from retail display cases or storage cabinets. Retailers can achieve more accurate, effective merchandise accounting for regulatory reporting or stock planning. In addition, the visible presence of these tags deters would-be shoplifters. Available with a patented tamper evident wire loop lock mechanism that ensures tags cannot be removed and maliciously re-used, the Jewelry Tag Tamper Evident RFID transponders ensure valuable items cannot be exchanged for less valuable imitations during transportation and distribution. In addition to merchandise, the tamper evident tag may also be used as an "intelligent" seal, enabling more effective tracking of use and maintenance of mission-critical items like fire extinguishers and automated external defibrillators (AED). Key Features •Elegant - small form factor, minimally intrusive at point-of-sale. •Protective - ensures proper identification of merchandise during exchange and distribution. •Effective - no line-of-sight necessary, with anti-collision to enable simultaneous reading of multiple RFID tags.

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