HIDINTag I-Code SLix 300mm


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Each heavy-duty IN Tag RFID tag is highly water, chemical and shock resistant, and withstands peak temperatures up to 285° F (140° C). Low frequency (LF) IN Tag discs perform well affixed to virtually any surface, with data storage capability up to 2048-bit read-write memory. High frequency (HF) discs offer anti-collision technology, improved read ranges, and larger memory storage - up to an astounding 516 kbit (64 KB) EEPROM. UHF IN Tag discs are compatible with international standards, and can be read from up to 9.8 ft (3 m). Entire pallets of individual containers or equipment can be identified and item level status updated as articles roll through distribution and receiving points. HF and UHF IN Tag discs are available in on metal (OM) versions, with reliable performance when mounted on metal surfaces. IN Tag discs come in a variety of sizes to match needs for mounting and read range performance. Key Features •Durable - built to withstand the rigors of industrial processing, transportation and outdoor use. •Versatile - mounts anywhere without compromising performance: glass, plastic, or wood, with options for on metal mounting. •Diverse selection - broad spectrum of available frequencies, memory sizes and diameters with multiple fixation methods.


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