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Durable HID Global Bin Tag transponders offer superior resistance to water, salt mist, mineral oil and petroleum, as well as high tolerance to shock and temperature variations. HID Bin Tag transponders perform exceptionally well, withstand abuse and help waste management organizations achieve optimal data integrity easily and efficiently. The tags install easily into standard nests manufactured into most waste bins, including metal bins and DIN 30745 plastic bins.

Low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) or UHF configurations are available. All HID Global Bin Tag transponders perform superbly when mounted on plastic containers. For metal bins, HID offers specialized transponders designed for consistent performance in environments where the metal surroundings might otherwise negatively affect reading performance due to signal reflection.

For read-write capability, the Bin Tag HF version includes 1024-bit EEPROM, and the UHF version provides a 512-bit user memory plus 96-bit EPC.

Key Features •Easily integrated - standard sizing for easy installation or retrofit.

•Tamper resistant - custom spanner screw drive to deter fraudulent removal.

•Broad compatibility - a choice of frequencies and memory capacities address common global installations and protocols.

•Reliable, consistent performance - no line-of-sight required, with options for mounting on plastic or metal bins.

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