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Currently available in two shapes, the rectangular tags mount securely on flat, rounded or irregular surfaces, and the high-visibility square yellow RFID tags mount either flush or perpendicular to most surfaces. They are especially designed for tagging wooden or plastic palettes, where the perpendicular mount ensures excellent performance even on wet wood. HID Global SlimFlex™ tags allow data to be read and written from several meters when mounted to any wood or plastic asset, such as containers, helmets, apparel, tools or even trees. The flexible housing can be securely attached with industrial adhesives or screwed into place via pre-drilled holes. These tags are compliant with EPC global certified UHF Class 1 Gen 2 readers and modules, and broadband capable for worldwide operations. The tags are waterproof and the housing provides high resistance to aggressive liquids, delivering reliable performance and reading stability across fluctuating temperatures. Custom color options are available. Tags can be embossed with a logo or message for branding, or laser engraved for enhanced visual identification or barcode application.

Key Features

  • Flexibility - bends to mount securely on rounded or irregular surfaces.
  • High durability - resistant to outdoor elements, as well as impact and torsion.
  • Enhanced reliability - read-write up to 19.7 ft (6 m) when mounted to plastic or wood.
  • Broadband UHF - usable worldwide, including Europe, the United States and Japan


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