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Keyfobs RFIDplaza supplies a wide range of keyfobs. Select the desired frequency and see all the products. Is there a product not listed or you want to receive from us an offer for large quantities, please contact us.
  • Keyfob Tumbler  Mifare 1K QUICK VIEW Keyfob Tumbler Mifare 1K from €1.75

    Keyfob Tumbler Mifare 1K


    Our teardrop shaped tumbler Keyfob is a Keyfob witch haves outstanding performance and durability in harsh environmental conditions.
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  • Keyfob transperant Mifare 1K QUICK VIEW Keyfob transperant Mifare 1K €1.95

    Keyfob transperant Mifare 1K


    Transparant keyfob with Mifare 1K chip
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